The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud

"What everybody does I don't do
I only do what nobody can do "
                                                                                                            - Vishu Kaliappa


Vision of my soul

I wanted there to be a sense of discovery

The Regent Hill Side is a privately owned property carefully chosen by me for its outstanding location, its sense of history, its serendipity, its style and its ability to let visitors truly relax and unwind. Emphasis is placed on its individual uniqueness. Traditional perceptions of 5 star luxury are ignored, yet all maintain a spirit of luxury that most hotels can only aspire to. Our property is easily accessible by excellent tarmac roads – an easy and pleasurable way to begin your fun filled holiday.

I pride myself on the subtle attention to detail, which is not immediately noticeable but which people only remember when it is not there.

I continue to look for further locations but with the emphasis on finding the extraordinary and not the ordinary, a quest which began as a hobby a year ago but which is now a passion to bring out the best in India.

Vishu Kaliappa
Entrepreneur, Designer, Artist & Chef

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