The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud
"There is simply nothing else like it in India." - an authentic guest statement

Always carry enough change money for taxi fares and other purchases. Also beware of touts in town who will attempt to sell inferior quality products at maximum prices. Use only recommended hotel travel services. Drink only bottled water when outside of hotel.

Electricity is 220 Volts – 240 Volts

The Regent Hill Side has its own trained English-speaking staff in residence so that guests may completely relax and feel at home. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for any special request. We can arrange babysitting and have one baby cot on site.

Menus will be discussed with guests on a daily basis so that fresh ingredients can purchased by the staff in nearby markets. Enjoy traditional South Indian curries, fresh seafood dishes and a variety of Asian and International cuisine. On request, a table may be set up outside the living spaces for you to enjoy a special, intimate dinner.

The Regent Hill Side is very informal, and we can accommodate most requirements for meals. Please let us know of any particular dietary requirements in advance.

Typically the food is South Indian, and therefore will contain curries. These can of course be hot or mild according to your preference, or western food can be cooked by our chef.

There is always a variety of fresh fruit, from the local market. Meals can be taken where guests want, and within reason, at times to suit guests.

Since we do not have a liquor licence, we cannot sell liquor. Reasonably good alcohol and wine is available from the liquor shop in Yercaud town and we are happy to keep this chilled for you.

There are a wide variety of walks, mainly along village roads, from The Regent Hill Side. We can advise you on the more interesting directions. The villagers are invariably friendly and welcoming.

We have some mountain bicycles, which you can borrow, at no charge. There are a large number of roads and tracks around The Regent Hill Side which provide bicycle trips, ranging from relaxed to quite arduous!

There are a variety of books, in the reception room of The Regent Hill Side. Please borrow any that you would like to read, but please leave them when you leave.

Domestic Animals
There are two housedogs, which are, hopefully, kept under control – Candy is a Harlequin Greta Dane, and Angel a Pug. If you want to take Candy on walks, he is normally very keen. I hope you will enjoy staying at The Regent Hill Side as much as I enjoy living here. Sadly, I am not here all the time, but hope very much that our staff will make your stay relaxing and memorable”.

Laundry from is sent to a professional company in the area for cleaning. Yercaud does suffer from power cuts due to unexpected wind and rains, so we request you to plan your laundry to be done keeping in mind the delay aspects.

Water !!!
We HUMBLY request you to respect the water supply especially in the summer months as our wells go dry and water is usually bought from outside for an exorbitant price.

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