The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud
"SOFT PORNOGRAPHY" - a honeymooning couple's statement
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Sunny Side

Named after the bungalow owned by Mr.Victor Clarence Tate a close friend of my father and whose collection of old photographs of Yercaud did I manage to buy for an exorbitant price from an hotelier gentleman who bought his old car after the death of his widow Thelma and got most of his personal memorabilia along with the car.

Mr.Tate's father was the Chief Engineer of The Sivasamudram Hydro Electric project from which electricity was first generated in India. Bangalore was the first city in India to be electrified from the power generated at Sivasamudram.

The room is complete with its own sitting room, a private lawn and both an indoor and out door bathroom. Described by Gowtham one of our early guests a boutique restaurateur himself as “the most beautiful room in the world”. The stunning outdoor bathroom has a shower panel where one can bathe under the stars and soak away all the worries of the world in absolute peace and beauty. A room with unforgettable views.

Opening onto the central veranda, this suite exudes absolute style & elegance. With stunning silk drapes and period English furniture this suite is a clever combination of informality and formality. Furnished with English period antiques & styled with French linens and elegant blue sweeping silk drapes, this sumptuous suite opens onto the large central Verandah and fabulous photograph display. The Sunny Side exudes a timeless quality & charm. This spacious deluxe room is beautifully decorated with stunning fabrics and filled with antique furniture. Featuring a new spacious outdoor bathroom surrounded by tropical plants, this room opens onto an airy veranda and The Guava Tree Garden – the perfect spot to relax and read.

The verandah being described by a honeymooning couple


Aptly adorned with photographs as it is the honeymoon suite of the resort.

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