The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud
"There is simply nothing else like it in India." - an authentic guest statement
Scenic Yercaud
Bauxite Deposits on the Shevaroys Breezy Evening Chapel at Sacred Heart Convent
Clouds over the sky march end 2008 Fireworks in the sky Kiliyur falls
Kiliyur falls Light map of India from 20th bend Local Herdsman
Manjakkuttai sunrise Mining on the Shevaroys Misty Evening view of the cemetery on Lady's Seat Road
Ornamental Lake Peter and the boy at Manjakkuttai Poinsettia
Repeater Station at Bald Head Shevaroys Sleepy hollow Sunset at Yercaud
Top house - life at Yercaud View from Devil's Leap Waiting for unknown
Waterfall Wild Cherry Yercaud Sunset
Snooze at
Lady's Seat
Flowers in bloom  

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