The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud
"Everything is better than the best. Mind racking concoctions - WOW !!! " - an authentic guest statement
Mocktail Menu

(All our Mocktails are blended using
the finest of French flavouring and syrups)

Italian Spring Punch
   A little sweet, a little tart drink made of Kiwi, triple sec and Apple juice

Funky Toffee

   A heavenly blend of chocolate syrup, cream and a dash of pineapple juice

Khus Delight

   A delectable combination of Khus syrup, vanilla ice cream and coke to chill out with

Blue Cloud

   Creamy blend of banana, orange and pineapple juice to appease your taste buds

Peachy Melon Cooler

   A blend of wonderful flavours peach and watermelon perks you up when it gets humid

Electric Blue

   Lime, Lemonade, sugar and bleu curaco are blended to make this blue drink

Ginger & Mint Magic

   A great concoction of ginger, orange and mint to refresh your palette

Green Angel

   Apple juice, grated green apple blended with vanilla ice cream

Orange Blossom

   A blend of orange squash, vanilla ice cream and lemonade

Slushy Island

   Choose your flavour – strawberry/ kiwi / litchi / peach / mango or black currant

Bee Sting

   Sting to the taste buds - Apple Juice, Coconut Cream, Honey and Lime

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