Accommodation in yercaud, Hotels in yercaud, Resorts in yercaud, Yercaud
"There is simply nothing else like it in India." - an authentic guest statement
Accommodation in yercaud, Hotels in yercaud, Resorts in yercaud, Yercaud


Four  old world suites & a villa refurbished very elegantly to re create the bygone British era. Personally designed  by entrepreneur, photographer, bonsai artist, writer, fashion designer, calligraphy artist and F TV’s world's best new designer award winner 2009 –  Vishu Kaliappa.

The entrance is reached along a small concrete road, which takes you to a grassy reception and courtyard and into the serene home of The Regent Hill Side. The interiors of the 3 suites are suitably contemporary. These three suites realise your dreams in a "non-hotel" atmosphere. Heritage with a contemporary style is the hallmark of The Regent Hill Side experience.

The suites are named after the erstwhile British bungalows that prospered in Yercaud.

    2. BELMONT
    4. ABIEMORE - my private den

The Honey Mooner's Paradise with an additional open to sky sybaritic bathing arena (private though!!) in the exotic Cambodian Heliconia & Bird of Paradise Garden.

Lounge Royale a space to interact, make new friends and listen to old shevaroyan stories – The walls are adorned with photographs of the celebrities associated with The Shevaroys.

Crème Brûlée - Our Dining area
  An exotic French dessert is where our family dining room Crème Brûlée derives its name from. With an oval antique teak table with seating for a family of 12, it opens out to the Solarium.

The Regent Hill Side Commitment
The Regent Hill Side is designed and run to minimize impact on the environment while maintaining the highest standards of comfort and quality.

Since our inception, we have played an important role in our surrounding rural community. The vast majority of our staff is drawn from the neighbouring villages. We source most of our produce requirements locally. We also make regular contributions to community development activities.

One of the best ways to enhance a holiday experience is to make a difference. If you would like a deeper understanding of the land and people, and to play some role in their upliftment during your stay here, we at The Regent Hill Side would be happy to help.

The Regent Hill Side Experience
At The Regent Hill Side, you are unencumbered by orthodox conventions. We want to pamper & invigorate you. There are no fixed meal times – you may dine whenever you wish. Meals can be custom prepared by our master chef, and a table can be set anywhere, including the tote.

The Regent Hill Side embraces the timeless elements of an unspoiled location and is known for its old-world décor combined with modern day amenities, its exceptional location of natural beauty, its fine dining and most importantly its outstanding service.

Terms used by past guests in describing their stay at The Regent Hill Side include: “colonial charm at its best”, “a parcel of paradise”, “deliriously private and exclusive” and “sinfully delicious food”.

Besides croquet (currently the pitch undergoing a revamp), explore at your leisure one of the many bird watching and jungle trails. Day trips as well as overnight trips can be organized from The Regent Hill Side to South India’s multitude of interesting and historically significant places.

The Regent Hill Side refuses to compromise on quality, a philosophy which manifests itself in every detail of the service. But don't just take our word for it!

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Savour time & space, and discover an exceptional level of peaceful privacy & stylish comfort in Yercaud - unforgettable holiday bliss for you and your partner, or a remarkable destination for a small group holiday, for friends & family.

Whether you are in search of quiet holiday relaxation surrounded by the unspoilt natural beauty of Yercaud, or a base to explore the south of this hill country paradise, The Regent Hill Side encourages you to set your own pace. As a sophisticated & discerning traveller, The Regent Hill Side will allow you to experience the 'real' country, the 'real Yercaud', but also do so in style.

"The peacefulness and generosity encountered at the Regent Hill Side Hotel cannot be matched"

Wake up to the sound of bird calls and watch the mist rise over the estate, while shafts of sunlight streak through - it's a new day.

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