The Regent Hill Side Resort, Yercaud
"Dreamer's Paradise" - Dr.Sam Pushparaj
Frangipani Garden

The Frangipani Garden is the most delightful arena in the resort.

Least did I imagine as a child it would end up so. Twenty years ago a frangipani tree blown by the strong wind tipped over the revetment and hung precariously. A herculean effort by my mother with her maley and 8 estate labourers to bring it back to its old glory failed.

Today even the most artistic and talented of landscapists would not be able to position the tree in such a fabulous scenario - a shade so serene and complete, that the wary traveler would earn for.

Eagerly waiting for the day another strong wind would tip over the other four Frangipani trees standing proudly upright.

On the steps leading to the upper portion of the garden is intricately hand laid by me a fabulous multi coloured Crocodile Mural - my talent as a mason; to show the world.

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